Coupling Features And Benefits

Premature Failures:
• Gearing
• Shafting
• Bearings
• Diesel or gas engines
• AC variable frequency drives
• AC synchronous motors
• Reciprocating Equipment
Cushion The Drive System :
• Reduce Peak Stresses
• Extend Equipment Life
Robust Coupling Design
• Long Life
• Fail Safe
No Lubrication Required
Tune out resonant vibration

• Reduce transient vibration
• Total systems engineering
• Vibration Engineering group
• Steel mill equipment
• Mining and Mineral Processing
• reversing drives
• High shock loads
• reduction gears
• Any Abusive Drive
• Diesel generator –2 bearing marine drives
• Diesel pumps & Compressors
• V.F.D. fans: Utilities, cement, steel petrochemical.
• V.F.D. Pumps: Utilities, municipal
• Turbo machinery: Synchronous motor driven centrifugal compressors
• Reciprocating compressors
Rolling Mills – main drives
• TAF Reduction
Twin driven mills
• ball & grinding mills
• kilns

One Replacement Item
Minimal Spares

Metal Components Almost Never Need Replacing

Robust Design
Long Service Life
"Your Best Investment For The Long Run"

Absorbs Shocks And Vibrations
Extends Eqipment Life

Absorbs Shock From High Impact Loads.
Dampans Vibrations
Reduces Peak Stresses in shafts, Bearings, Gearing
No Lubrication
Lowest Maintenance Cost

No Sliding Motion - No Lubrication
Blocks Deform To Accomodate Load And Misalignment

How Dose The Couplings Function ?
Unique " Rubber - In - Compression" Design

Torque Transmitted by Compressing Rubber Blocks.
Rubber Absorbs Shocks and Vibrations
Bi- Directional Design, No Backlash.
No Lubrication
Generous Misalignment Capacity.